Practice for physiotherapy Sigl in Bad Füssing

Our well-equipped practice for physiotherapy is located in the basement floor of our apartment house. Beside others, we provide a wide-spread treatment of Medical Wellness, typical therapies and osteopath treatments. Our multifaceted offer is very convenient for an ambulant cure (prevention).

Physiotherapy – certified & high quality treatment

We emphasize high quality treatments, which are certified by the DIN ISO quality management. You benefit from many years experience in serious sports and constant education in healthcare.
A health insurance company license is available with all health insurance companies.

We also offer state-of-the-art physiotherapy in our practice - get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.

Remedial Gymnastics in Bad Füssing

With us, you can also combine your stay in Bad Füssing with professional remedial gymnastics, run by the Sigl family. Remedial gymnastic is known as a very important kind of treatment.  It can improve effects like imbalance of musculature or operations with on the basis of special treatments.

Modern Methods in Physiotherapy

To improve the result of the therapy, remedial gymnastic can be completed with physical methods like electrotherapy, ultrasonic treatment or nature fango.