The Heart of the
Spa triangle


The legendary thermal water in Bad Füssing is the heart of the spa treatments. It comes from a depth of over 1,000 meters and bubbles up from the earth at 56degrees. It contains valuable minerals such as sulfur, fluoride and sodium. These minerals have proven positive effects on the body and can help with various ailments such as joint and back pain, rheumatism and skin problems. The three thermal spas in Bad Füssing are distinguished not only by their high-quality facilities, but also by their idyllic location in the middle of the Bavarian countryside.

The tranquility and pleasant atmosphere additionally contribute to relaxation and make the stay a holistic experience.
All in all, the thermal baths of Bad Füssing with their healing thermal water in combination with a variety of physiotherapeutic treatments offer an ideal opportunity to regenerate body and mind and to increase the general well-being.


In a short walking distance, you find lots of restaurants for lunch and dinner.

Impressions from Bad Füssing