Ambulante Vorsorge-Kuren

Due to the law, it is again possible to ask for a preventative cure in a three years rhythm in an accepted cure town – even in shorter periods, if necessary.

Newcomer is the „Oncological cure“ – this is an ambulant prevention method for oncologic affections.

When it comes to petition, you mention in the application form the oncologic problems.

This kind of therapy focuses a special treatment regarding the problems, which result from cancer treatments or rather their medical treatments. Those bring up for example: tension/hardening, changes of the skin, stiffness of joints, changes of muscles,  feeling disruption as well as numbness and tingling, lymphoedema, weekness of muscles, leck of condition and chronic tiredness.

For oncology patients, we offer several possibilities for treatments and support.

In case of an ambulant prevention method, you receive all treatments (physiotherapy, thermal bath and so on).

For any kind of questions or need hints respectively help, please call us or send us an e-mail.